Product Upgrade Policy

This Product Upgrade Policy applies to all Powerflex products unless otherwise specified on the pricing pages.

Licence Upgrades

  • User count upgrades for licences are priced at the cost per user.
  • User counts on licences cannot be downgraded.
  • Platform and version changes are priced according to the formula
    Cost of new licence less Rebate for old licence
    where Rebate for old licence is calculated as
    • 100% for licence less than 30 days old
    • 75% for licence greater than 30 days and less than 2 years old
    • 50% for licence greater than 2 years and less than 4 years old
    • 25% for licence greater than 4 years and less than 6 years old
    • No rebate for licence greater than 6 years old
  • Where the Registered Name on a licence is changed for the re-registration fee, all other aspects of the licence are to remain unchanged. Such a change is to reflect a change in name only of the business.
  • Where a licence in transferred to a different business, a new licence will be issued and a credit will be given as for a platform or version change.

Licence Merges

  • A licence merge is defined as the amalgamation of 2 licences, where the user count of the merged licence is equal to the sum of the user counts of the 2 original licences.
  • A licence merge involves the cancellation of one licence and the user count upgrade of the other. The pricing is based on the same formula as for a platform/version change (see above) with rebate being given for the cancelled licence.

Licence Ownership

Powerflex will regard the owner of a product to be

  • The VAR signatory if product registered in the VAR Program, or
  • Original purchaser if product not registered in the VAR Program.

For further details, please contact us by email, phone or fax.

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