One Set of Source Code for UNIX, Windows and DOS

This information was originally published in POWERlines Volume 5, No. 5.

One set of source code | PFXplus for Unix | Multi-platform participation

One Set of Source Code for all Platforms

The world wants Windows!

That is what some software vendors would have us believe. In the real world, things are not so simple. Many customers want applications to run under Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Unix, DOS or indeed any combination of these platforms at a single site.

It is a tall order for a developer to maintain source code for this variety of platforms. It is even worse if you have to maintain a separate set of source code for each environment: a Herculean task by any standards.

PFXplus for SCO UNIX and AIX RS/6000

PFXplus takes the pain out of this scenario. Powerflex Corporation has PFXplus versions for SCO Unix and the IBM AIX RS/6000 that give full source code compatibility with code compiled under the PFXplus Development System.

These Unix ports are completely compatible with versions of PFXplus for Windows and MS-DOS. Of course, Windows-specific features are not available under Unix, and it may be necessary to have some features of programs working slightly differently. For example, screen layouts are different between the character and graphical environments.

Multi-Platform Participation Possible with PFXplus

PFXplus is one of the few affordable development systems that offer true multi-platform participation. With PFXplus you can compile using an MS-DOS compiler and run under SCO Unix using the appropriate runtime. For RISC-based systems it is simply a matter of recompiling under the selected Unix operating system. The same source code is used for your application in all environments.

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