Powerflex products group naturally into distinct ranges, but they are all inter-related and are all based on the same high performance principles underlying our flagship product, PFXplus. All our products are covered by free fax/email based technical support for installation related issues. Read about support ...

Development Tools

PFXplus is a powerful application development product. PFXplus uses state-of-the art compiler technology and an advanced threaded code engine to deliver lightning-fast compilation and sparkling speed of execution.

All versions of PFXplus include the compiler, library and utilities, as well as files and numerous examples, Powerflex REPORTER, PFXC-debug, full documentation, plus PFXsort for a single site.

PFXplus is available for Windows as well as popular Unix variants including Linux and AIX.

PFXweb turns PFXplus applications into powerful internet applications, achieving levels of productivity and performance unparalleled by any other Internet or Web development tool. PFXweb Development Server gives you everything you need to get your PFXplus applications onto the web.


Deploy your PFXplus applications to your customers with powerful and efficient PFXplus runtimes. PFXplus runtimes are available for Windows and Unix in logical user increments to help developers manage the growth of their applications' user base.

Deploy your PFXweb applications to your customers with PFXweb Application Server. This powerful server based version of the PFXplus runtime allows you to run your PFXplus applications as fast internet applications.


PFXodbc is a high performance ODBC driver that lets you access the data in your Powerflex or X-flex files from almost any application that supports ODBC.

It works well with Microsoft Office products such as Excel and Word, but also with a wide range of other applications such as Crystal Reports. It provides the same access to data files as PFXplus and the C libraries, using familar and powerful SQL-based technology.

C Libraries

The C Libraries are a finely crafted set of libraries which allow you to access the data in your current Powerflex or X-flex files from other languages.

They deliver the same high performance and reliability as PFXplus in all the same environments, both Windows and Unix.


We have a growing range of excellent utilities designed to assist the application developer. This list includes:

Custom Ports & Features

Custom ports are a specialty of Powerflex Corporation. If you need a port for any of our products for a specific brand of computer or operating environment, please contact us to discuss the options. Or if you would like to have special features included in future releases of any Powerflex product, just let us know - we'd be happy to discuss your requirements.

Order Delivery

All orders of new products will be delivered via download.

CDs of products can be ordered through special arrangement with Powerflex. Contact us to find out how.

Ordering and pricing

Please select the operating system and product link on the left to view pricing details for all products available for each operating system. The prices for all Powerflex products are shown in Australian dollars and are subject to change without notice. If you wish, you can use this Universal Currency Converter to estimate prices in your own currency.

To order any of our products, please print our order form and return the completed form to us by fax or post. In the near future, we will be able to process your purchases with a secure on-line order form.