How do I print to LPT2?

By default PFXplus prints to port LPT1. To print to LPT2 simply set the configuration item sPrintPath in your PFX.INI file to read sPrintPath=LPT2. Make sure that you have an output device connected to LPT2.

How do I query the Printer Status?

For non-Windows PFXplus runtimes it is possible to query the status of a printer by using the STAT command contained in the PRINTER.PFI include file. For a demonstration of how to use this command, refer to the sample program psPrint.pfx in your PFXplus Sample directory.

For Windows runtimes, it is not possible to use the STAT command to query the printer status. It is possible to check whether a printer is ready for output by using the following code:

trap direct_output "WinLst:"
if err begin
  err = 0
  MsgError "Cannot output to printer"

How do I send Escape Sequences to a printer?

For an example of how to send escape sequences to a printer, refer to the sample programs that come with PFXplus version 4.11 onwards, WPRINT.PFX, WPRINT2.PFX, WPRINT3.PFX.

How can I line up columns using Proportional Fonts when printing under Windows using Winlst?

While this involves some work in previous versions of PFXplus, in version 5.0 this is very simple. It is simply a matter of setting the WINOPT option to the output devices WINLST and PREVIEW. For more information on PFXplus version 5.0 see the POWERlines article Experience the Power of PFXplus Version 5.0, and the sample program WPRINT4.PFX that comes with PFXplus version 5.0 onwards.

Can I print Bitmaps using Winlst?

It is possible to print bitmaps using the Winlst device, which works great with PFXplus 5.0. See the sample program Wprtbmp3

Document Not Printed and No Error Message Received

Windows 2000 and NT systems: when you print a document that appears in the print queue but never be prints out, check out Microsoft article 154777.

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