The best way to build & maintain X-flex index files

PFXsort is a powerful, efficient and above all, very fast program used to build Powerflex and compatible database index files.

The primary purpose of PFXsort is to create index files as defined by the developer, but it can also be used to create and delete index definitions on an ad hoc basis. PFXsort reduces both the time you spend on file maintenance and the disk space occupied by your index files.

PFXsort uses a number of highly sophisticated techniques (listed below) to drastically reduce the time spent reindexing.

Features of PFXsort

Advanced Technology

PFXsort is based on the advanced re-indexing engine used in PFXplus and PFX C-lib. It has a number of sophisticated features, including:

Protects Your Data

Data is valuable and treated with great care. No change is ever made to the file header unless the sort completes successfully. You can stop the sort in the middle with no risk to your data.


PFXsort is supported for the following operating environments

PFXsort 5.0

PFXsort 5.0 includes

Each version of PFXsort can be licensed for a single site or for unlimited distribution. Contact Powerflex Corporation or your local dealer for details. Pricing and ordering details are available on-line.