PFXplus Version 5.0

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The PFXplus version 5.0 Development System is the industrial-strength solution for the toughest application development problems. Now you get more tools to help you work smarter and deliver more and better software than ever before.

With PFXplus Version 5.0, you can:

Main features of PFXplus Version 5.0 include:

PFXplus version 5.0 also comes with DOS/32 and Windows runtimes and compilers, CCA tools, the PFXplus Dialog Resource Editor and more, including:

PFXplus 5.0 retains all the existing powerful PFXplus features and adds those features specific to the Windows environment like those listed above to create a superb development environment.

PFXplus 5.0 also comes with the Common Controls Architecture (CCA) tools, which assist developers to integrate 32-bit Windows features easily into their PFXplus applications without having to hard-code them in.

And now with the improved PFXplus Dialog Resource Editor, Print Preview capability, and printing with optional column alignment, PFXplus 5.0 has it all!


PFXplus 5.0 is supported for the following operating environments

Order PFXplus 5.0

To order PFXplus 5.0, check our pricing details and complete and send the order form, or contact Powerflex Corporation on:

Tel: +61 3 9548-9006
Fax: +61 3 9548-9003
E-mail: see the sales email address on the Contact Us page of this website

Supported Windows Features

DDE Support Yes
DLL Support Yes
Custom Control Support Yes
Mouse Support Yes
Graphical User Interface Yes
Fully Compliant Windows GUI Appearance Yes
Utilises Windows Virtual Memory Yes
Print Preview Function Yes
Objects Yes
Windows On-line Help Yes
Event Manager for Event Driven User Interface Handling Yes
Multi-line Edits Yes
Windows Popups for Messages, Confirmations etc. Yes
User not Session Counting Yes
Windows Common Controls Architecture tools
including: lookup tables, buttons, bitmaps on statics and buttons, menus, toolbars, status bars, animation, list views, tables, tab controls, progress bars.