The Powerflex ODBC Driver

PFXodbc works like a charm to allow access to data contained in PFXplus and compatible file formats from any ODBC-compliant front-end application.

PFXodbc can be used as a data source from applications like MS SQL Server, MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word, Borland Delphi, Crystal Reports, and many, many more.

PFXodbc for Windows Version 5.0


PFXodbc is supported for the following operating environments

Buying PFXodbc

Check our price list for PFXodbc and contact Powerflex Corporation or your local dealer for further details, or complete and send the order form to order your copy now! (Discounts apply if more than 1 copy of a single-site licence are purchased simultaneously. Please contact us for discount details.)

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Please FAX the completed order form to +61 3 9548-9003, or POST to Powerflex Corporation Pty Ltd, P.O. Box 624, Mount Waverley, VIC 3149, Australia, or E-mail: see the sales email address on the Contact Us page of this website.

Using PFXodbc

This example will demonstrate how to use PFXodbc as a data source in Microsoft Access 2007. The ODBC driver has been configured to use the sample data files which come standard with PFXplus v5.0 sp5. The configuration settings for the sample data files are:

Data Source Name = PFXodbc
Default User ID =   pfxuser
Data Base Name = PFXodbc
Data Search Path =   C:\Powerflex\PFXplus 5.0 SP5\common;
                      C:\Powerflex\PFXplus 5.0 SP5\sample
  1. Start up Microsoft Access 2007
  2. Select the "External Data" tab
  3. Open the "More" dropdown list from the "Import" panel and select "ODBC database"
  4. Select "Link to the data source by creating a linked table"
  5. Select "pfxtestdsn" from "Select Data Source" dialog
  6. Click "OK" to dismiss the "Powerflex Data Source Login" dialog and then select "pfxuser.member" table
  7. From the "Create" tab, select "Form" from "Forms" panel
  8. Right click on the newly created form and select "Properties" from the contextmenu
  9. On the "Property Sheet" window, select "Form" from the "Selection type" dropdown set the following Form Properties.
    RecordSource = pfxuser_member
    Caption = ODBC Data Source Example 1
    Popup = Yes
  10. Adjust the layout of the form and include captions and labels as desired
  11. Open the form in "Form View"

Running the Form will generate the results below, which displays PFXplus data from the MEMBER file accessed via PFXodbc.

PFXodbc example

The ODBC driver conforms to Microsoft ODBC version 3.0 and can be used with ODBC version 3.0 or later.