What is PFXcrystal? | PFXcrystal Prices

PFXcrystal is a brilliant product that opens up a whole new world of report generation to PFXplus developers. PFXcrystal provides a fast and seamless interface between Crystal Reports and Powerflex data files, including PFXplus Btrieve files and other PFXplus compatible files.

PFXcrystal 5.2 supports Crystal Reports version XI R2 and 2008.
PFXcrystal 5.1 supports Crystal Reports version 9, 10 and XI.
PFXcrystal 5.0 supports Crystal Reports 6, 7 and 8.

To use Crystal Reports with your data files, just install the Powerflex driver for Crystal Reports! There is no need to convert your PFXplus data files, or to install any ODBC drivers. It also comes with a PFXplus User Function Library.

Features of PFXcrystal 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2

PFXcrystal comes with enhanced performance and many user-defined functions. Each new function allows the programmer to specify the number of (contiguous) segments that must match the specified key before the function returns FOUND.

PFXcrystal also incorporates improved file linking and enhanced performance when performing a range operation (SELECT and SORT on INDEX).

Customers Create Reports

If you're a busy developer who doesn't have time for report-designing, your customers can use Crystal Reports to create their own reports from PFXplus data. You can design dictionaries to customise the appearance of a database to make it more intuitive to your customer.


PFXcrystal is supported for the following operating environments

Buying PFXcrystal

You can purchase PFXcrystal directly from Powerflex Corporation.

Check our price list for PFXcrystal and contact Powerflex Corporation or your local dealer for further details, or complete and send the order form to order your copy now! Discounts apply if two or more copies of a single-site licence are purchased simultaneously — please contact Powerflex Corporation for discount details.

Please fax the completed form to +61 3 9548-9003, or mail to Powerflex Corporation Pty Ltd, P.O. Box 624, Mount Waverley, VIC 3149, Australia.