PFX C-lib

PFX C-lib

for fast access to PFXplus data

PFX C-lib is a finely crafted set of libraries that allows lightning-fast access to your PFXplus and compatible data files, including PFXplus-compatible Btrieve files, from third party languages.

The 32-bit Windows version of PFX C-lib is used for Windows languages. PFX C-lib is also available for the Unix/Linux type environments. Please contact Powerflex Corporation for further information.

Basic Functions

Advanced Functions

The SQL Option for PFX C-lib provides support for PFXplus-compatible SQL data files.

You can view a complete list of the functions available via PFX C-lib on this Web site.

What PFX C-lib Supports


PFX C-lib is supported for the following operating environments

To Order

To order a full copy, contact Powerflex Corporation or your local dealer.