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2007 November

PFXplus and Windows Vista
Introducing PFXweb
Powerflex Companion Products v5.0 Service Pack 4
Email the Easy CDO Way
News and Products Update

2006 August

Powerful New Features in Service Pack 4
PFXplus Service Pack 4
Value Added Reseller Program
Technical Tips
News and Products Update

2005 December

Ajax, PFXweb and the New Internet
PFXplus Applications with that XP Look - for Free
PFXplus Data Files and Crystal Reports
Technical Tips
News and Products Update

2005 July

The Value Added Reseller Programme
PFXplus Service Pack 3
SQL Direct, MS Excel and MS Access
News and Products Update

2004 December

The Value Added Reseller Programme
VAR Programme - What You Get
VAR Support Requests
Converting DOS Applications to Windows
Powerflex Implementation on Linux (Part 2)
News and Products Update

2004 March

New Business, New Software, New Opportunitiese
Dialog Resource Editor
Powerflex Implementation on Linux
Technical Tips
News and Products Update

2002 June

The Internet, the Internet and the Internet
Powerflex Support Services
SQL Direct Delivers Results
The Euro Symbol in Powerflex
Products Update

2001 October

Microsoft and the New Internet
More Power to CCA Menus
Powerflex Data and Other Applications
Disk Space Limitations Fix
Technical Tips
Products Update

2001 May

PFXweb and the Next Generation Internet
Interfacing PFXplus to the Web
Products Update

2001 January/February

PFXweb and the Solution Service Provider
Understanding PFX Licences
Creating PFXodbc Data Source
Products Update
Powerflex News

2000 August/September

PFXplus and the Web
Exporting HTML Code from Powerflex
New Toolbox Writes Windows Entry Programs for You
Mark 5 and SQL Direct Samples
Report from MSDOS to Windows
Powerflex News


Experience the Power of PFXplus Version 5.0
The Power of SQL and ODBC!
Active Radio Buttons
Flextable Powerflex for Delphi
Fonts with WM_SETFONT

1999 October/November

Powerflex Wins Copyright Battle in the High Court
PFXplus Version 5.0 is Coming!
Printing Long Text Fields
An "INI File" Object
Demo Execute Only Licence
From a Happy Customer - On Converting from Dataflex
Powerflex news

1999 June/July

PFXplus Version 4.40 is Here!
PFX C-lib as a TDataset in Delphi
Sizing Your Screens
Utility Program for Y2K Data
Character-Help to Win .NLP Files
Powerflex News

1999 February/March

Use Seagate Crystal Reports with PFXplus Data Files!
Implementing Context Help
PFX Software Protection
Powerflex News

1998 November/December

Powerflex ODBC Driver is Here!
Use PFXplus CCA Tools to Add Menus, Toolbars & Status Bars
A Simple E-mail Program
Using Macros to Create In-memory Tables
Technical Tip
Powerflex Technical Forum
What is This Thing Called Lunux?
Powerflex News

1998 August/September

Migrating to Windows
Multi-User Programming in PFXplus
Put Your Powerflex Programs on the Internet
Powerflex News

1998 February/March

Powerflex Corporation OFf to a Flying Start in 1998
New Common Controls Architecture for PFXplus
Make Windows Apps a Reality - Use the PFXplus CCA Tools
Using an Integrated Dev Envir for Powerflex Win Programming
Powerflex News