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Powerflex Celebrates 25 Years

Powerflex Corporation is proud to announce that it has now been in business for over 25 years. We think this is a major milestone, and we're rather proud of having achieved it.

The business started trading in late 1989 with version 1.09 for MS-DOS and made two sales that year. Over the years it has been improved and enhanced, with versions for OS/2, Windows (16 and 32 bit) and Unix (more than 20 kinds), and Btrieve and SQL databases. It has matured into a rock solid business application development platform used by thousands of developers and hundreds of thousands of end-users.

None of this would have been possible without the dedication and skill of our many staff over the years, or our loyal customers. Many of them have been with us since the early days, and should also be recognised as they have contributed enormously to the product over the years with many suggestions for new features now being part of the current product.

Our thanks to everyone who has contributed. We can't be sure of another 25 years, but we certainly plan to continue to develop and support PFXplus and our customers for many years to come.

Service pack 8 Released!

Service Pack 8 for Windows versions of PFXplus, PFX C-lib, PFXsort and PFXbrowse has been released. This is available free to registered VAR members and members of the Maintenance and Support Programme. All eligible members should have now been contacted with details how to get their updates.

If you are a VAR or Maintenance and Support member and have not yet been notified, would like to find out more about Service Pack 8 or would like to become a member then contact us now.

Service pack 7 Released!

Service Pack 7 for Windows versions of PFXplus, PFX C-lib and PFXsort have been released. These are available free to registered VAR members and members of the Maintenance and Support programme. All members should have now been contacted with details how to get their updates.

PFXplus HTML Help

PFXplus v5.0 sp5 HTML Help for web browsers is now available. This is a fully functional version of the current PFXplus v5.0 sp5 Help system including complete table of contents with search and index facilities.

PFXplus HTML Help is free for registered VAR members.

Service pack 4 Released!

VAR members have already received the production version of Service Pack 4 for PFXplus 5.0. SP4 continues the evolution of PFXplus with the inclusion of many enhancements including

A full list of the enhancements is available in the latest issue of the POWERlines newsletter.

If you are a VAR member and have not received Service Pack 4, please contact our sales department. Non-members who would like to join the VAR Program and receive Service Pack 4 and other great benefits should also contact our sales department.

PFXplus SQL and Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Developers wishing to run PFXplus SQL with MS SQL 2005 support should work with the SP 4 version of PFXplus 5 SQL.
Pre-SP4 versions of PFXplus SQL are not compatible with MS SQL 2005, and may report errors caused by the change Microsoft made in the SQL syntax for the MS SQL 2005.

PFXplus Service Pack 3

PFXplus Service Pack 3 contains some interesting enhancements, for example flat toolbar, support for Pervasive v8 format files, case insensitive indexes on Btrieve files, increase in the maximum screen size that can be converted into resource files to be paged, expression evaluator supporting very large number of symbols, and much more. Read about SP3 in POWERlines newsletter and email our sales for your copy of service pack 3.

PFXbrowse SP3 release

The very popular PFXbrowse works on all Windows systems, displays contents and structure of all PFXplus and compatible data files, including PFXplus Btrieve and SQL.

PFXcrystal 5.1 for Crystal Reports 9, 10 and XI

This software is available with a new licence or as an update to your existing PFXcrystal. PFXcrystal 5.1 works with current versions of Crystal Reports XI, as well as Crystal Reports 10 and 9. PFXcrystal 5.1 is easy to install and use. Do not hesitate to contact our sales for licence and price information.

PFXodbc SP3 release

Our popular PFXodbc driver has been further improved. The latest PFXodbc contains fixes to minor problems and adds ability to read data from long text/binary fields. Please contact our sales for your copy of the driver.

Pervasive PSQL v9 and Mark 4 files

PFXplus 5 Service Pack 4 developer and end-user runtimes have been validated for Pervasive PSQL v9 that is set to create format 9 files. Previous versions of PFXplus may support Pervasive PSQL v9 set to file format 7 compatibility. PFXplus 5 SP3 supports Pervasive v8 with format 8 files.

PFXplus for the Web Beta Release for Windows 32 bit

This beta release is our first product for data-driven Web sites and transactional data processing on the Internet. If you are a licensed PFXplus 5.0 developer, do not hesitate to contact us for your copy of PFXplus for the Web:

Tel: +61 3 9548-9006
Fax: +61 3 9548-9003

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Powerflex for Unix/Linux

Powerflex have developed releases of PFXplus version 5.0 for most popular Unix platforms including Linux, AIX, SCO OpenServer, UnixWare and OpenUnix 8. One of the latest releases is PFXplus 5 SP2 for AIX validated for AIX 5.2 systems.

If you are interested in obtaining a quote for PFXplus version 5.0 for a particular Unix platform then contact us by phone (+61 3 9548-9006) or email our sales and we will be happy to assist you.

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PFXplus Version 5.0 and Microsoft Windows XP

PFXplus 5.0 has been tested with Microsoft Windows XP Professional and passed our rigorous in-house validation tests without a hitch. See PFXplus 5.0 page for product details.

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Powerflex Service Pack 2 for Windows 32 bit Version 5.0

Service Pack 2 includes updated files for

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SQL Option for PFXplus, PFXsort and PFX C-lib

The current versions of these leading Powerflex applications offer you SQL support as an option. Using the SQL add-ons, you can now store, sort, and manipulate PFXplus data files as SQL tables.

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Reporter User Guide

We are no longer automatically mailing a printed copy of the Reporter User Guide with every developer and end-user licence. If you wish to order a copy of the manual, please contact us by phone or email.

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