Dialog Resource Editor

Why do I get "Unable to create form (CreateDialog failed) in module"?

The most likely reason for this error would be due to a Windows-imposed limit on the number of multi-line edit controls on a dialog. The limit is approximately 90 controls. Where this limit is exceeded, the above error occurs.

Since Windows converts each numeric window to a multi-line edit, a possible solution is to change some of the numeric windows to ASCII windows and then format them as numeric. Alternatively you can split the image into two or more images.

Another cause may be that the .PR3 file is out of step with the PTC file. The solution is to recompile and rebuild the PR3 file by compiling with the /R switch.

Another possibility could be that the form is actually a SUBFORM and its parent has not yet been displayed. This can occur when using PAGE. Calling ACTIVATE for the subform object instead of using PAGE will resolve the problem.

Why do I get "Error: Duplicate Resource Type: Dialog, Name: 1, Language error LNK1123: failure during conversion to COFF: file invalid or corrupt" when I compile with /R?

This error occurs when you use the version 5.0 PFXplus Dialog Resource Editor to make changes to a Resource File, and then try to compile with an older version of PFXplus. The version 5.0 Dialog Resource Editor is not compatible with previous versions of PFXplus. The solution is to either use a previous version of the Dialog Resource Editor, or PFXplus version 5.0.

Why do I get "Cannot find or open source file progname. rc. Duplicate Dialog control ID…" when compile with /R?

The correct way of invoking the Resource Compiler is by compiling with the /R switch. This error occurs when the old method of compiling program and resource file separately is used and hence the file progname.rc exists. The solution is to remove or rename the progName.RC file if it is not required, otherwise see the FAQ below.

What happens to my existing RC files when I compile with /R?

RC files are no longer used. What was known as the RC file is now embodied in the source code of the program. When you use the PFXplus Dialog Resource Editor to modify a Resource File (.RES) and save it, the Resource Editor will create a .DLG file, which is roughly equivalent to the old .RC file. Upon recompiling the program with the /R and /E switches, the contents of the DLG file are appended to the end of the source code.

Changes made to existing programs stored in existing RC files, however, will not be lost. This is simply a matter of recompiling the program with the /R /B switches which will produce a .RES file (which can be read by the Dialog Resource Editor, saved and subsequently appended to the end of the source code).

Why do I get "Error LNK1104: cannot open file filename.pr3" when I compile with /R?

a) This error can occur where the PR3 file is Read-Only. The solution is to modify the file properties to Read/Write or delete the PR3 file and try again.

b) This error can happen when trying to compile a program that is running.

What causes Image not available in g-mode error 1111 line …?

This error message occurs when you try to run a program with a PR3 file that was created before a new image was added (and PAGEd) in the program.

The solution is to recompile the program with /R switch.

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