Collating Sequences for Btrieve Files

A collating sequence specifies the sequence of the sort order for string comparison or sorting in a data file. The standard Powerflex collating sequence is a private sequence that approximates dictionary order. It is the same as the one used for ordering of ASCII keys in a database index, and it can be configured via the configuration item tCollate.

Two standard alternative collating sequences used in all Powerflex-generated Btrieve data files are contained in the files PFXENG01.ALT and PFXENG02.ALT, which can be downloaded from this site as ZIP files.

PFXENG01.ALT provides an alternative collation sequence for use with standard indexes. PFXENG02.ALT provides an alternative collating sequence for use with indexes that are case-insensitive.

Go to the download page on this Web site to obtain copies of the PFXENG01.ALT and PFXENG02.ALT files.

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